Suspended Jefferson County Clerk suing Gov. Scott

Suspended Jefferson County Clerk suing Gov. Scott

JEFFERSON CO., Fla (WCTV) — Kirk Reams is filing suit against Governor Rick Scott and the State Senate President.

This all stems from his recent criminal case. He was charged with petit theft, accused of allowing his former girlfriend to use a county-owned computer.

Governor Scott suspended Reams from his clerk post last Fall, and a jury found him not guilty in January. However, he still has not been reinstated by the governor after being suspended following the arrest.

Reams’ attorney says these actions are unconstitutional and go against the 14th Amendment, and the suspension may have nothing to do with the legal process.

“There were additional sections in the executive order accusing Mr. Reams or maleficence and misfeasance in office that the Governor, I believe, relies upon to keep his suspension in effect,” said David Collins.

During the legislative session this year, the senate did not hear Reams’ case. According to the complaint, if there is no special session, he will not have his due process until possibly May of 2019.

We reached out to the Governor’s office for comment about the suit Tuesday. They responded with just eight words: “We will review it when we receive it.”

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